Luis Tamani

Luis Tamani is a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest. Born in 1983, he grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River in Pucallpa, Peru. His imagination was nourished by the richness of the bioregion; he was surrounded by trees, large jungle vines and colorful birds.

Luis received 5 years of academic training at the Eduardo Meza Saravia school of artwork in Peru before beginning his career painting abstract art. It was then that he connected to the Sacred Medicine of his ancestors and began to paint his own visions in a magical way. Today his art represents the fusion between man, plant and animal kingdoms. He is astonished by the deep relationship that man can develop with plants and animals; what makes the Human a unique being, a medicine carrier.

Luis started by showing his artworks during the shamanic meetings of the city of Iquitos (Loreto, Peru). After having presented his art across Europe, he is now open to the whole world. He presents through his paintings his vision of life: We all come from the One and we are all going back.