Sonja Drakulich

Sonja Drakulich is known as the singer, percussionist, composer and producer for the internationally acclaimed world music ensemble, Stellamara, and singer, hammered dulcimer player and percussionist for the European Medieval­ Folk band, Faun. With Stellamara, she has toured throughout the US and Europe and has produced three critically acclaimed CD releases. With Faun, she has recently completed three extensive tours throughout Northern Europe in the past year andrecorded on their last top ten charted, gold album “Von den Elben.”

She continues a teaching practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad, and is devoted to her work with helping others to sing and connect with their bodies, muses, and their unique heritages through song, either professionally or as a personal practice. Throughout her studies and her career as producer, performer and teacher, she maintains her focus on the devotional aspect of song and on intercultural unification through music.