Isis Indriya

Isis Indriya’s multi­faceted work brings holistic and initiatory practices into dynamic and widely accessible forums. She is a facilitator of cultural and social evolution through her visioning, curation and production of events and her role as educator. She is the co­founder with Eve Bradford of The Village, which brings together all of the diverse projects she works on under one umbrella.

Isis has studied extensively in a diverse range of subjects including esoteric systems, whole systems design, shamanism, practical alchemy, ritual, transpersonal healing and performance art. With qualifications and initiation from the Body Mind Academy and the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, and apprenticeships with prominent wisdom keepers she is perfectly positioned to be a catalyst for community evolution and personal transformation through applying this knowledge to her work in events, ceremony, ritual theatre and performance.

Isis has been working in event production for 18 years and has a professional focus on using the power of gatherings to inspire community transformation. Years of intensive studies of diverse wisdom systems and experience with ritual and ceremony, combined with a creative and logistical mind place Isis in a unique position to cross-pollinate spiritual ideas in order to vision and create contemporary sacred spaces within festival and events contexts.