Ritual & Performance

In this 5 day intensive, we will explore the nuanced craft of Ritual & Performance, an ancient cross-cultural practice that holds the origins of all theater, bridging the performative catharsis and creative expression of the stage with the profound transformation and multi-dimensional healing of ceremony. This work dissolves traditional boundaries between audience and performer, between art, activism and prayer.

We will engage in this initiatory work on both individual and community levels, learning to be vessels for timeless myth to reveal itself and its medicine for our current stories. We will utilize a variety of generative theater games, movement and dance forms and ritual practices to build tools for navigating the unknown and holding sacred creative space within the context of public performance. We will recognize and develop the unique keys that each person holds for breathing life into the stories.    

The primary purpose of this class is to reawaken our individual and community relationship with the lineage of this sacred art form, creating offerings of great potency, with cultural, spiritual and artistic worth. All participants in the intensive will have an opportunity to participate in a collaborative performance during Symbiosis.

  • Cross-Cultural History of the Ancient Connection between Ritual and Theater
  • Exploring the Central Role of Myth in Ritual & Performance
  • Art as Offering, Offering as Art
  • The Body as a Temple, Becoming a Vessel
  • The Magic and Power of Ceremonial Dance
  • Opening the Voice: to Listen, to Speak, to Sing, to Write
  • Ancestral Story, Song, Ritual
  • Studies in Stillness : Experimental Movement
  • Cultivating our Relationship with the Mystery, the Sacred Elements and the Wild through Ritual 
  • Ritual Garment, Adornment and Tools
  • Script Development for Experimental and Narrative Forms
  • Pathways of Improvisation
  • Theater Production in a Festival Context

Experience Elemental Alchemy

5 days of Instructions & Community Building
3 Home-cooked Local Organic Meals Per Day (Sun-Wed)

1 Festival Experience Pass, 1 Early Entry Pass

(Car Camping Pass Sold Separately)

The lineup of teachers and course schedule will be released soon.

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