Lydia Neilsen : Instructor

Lydia Neilsen works out of the belief that there is a consciousness in the earth and in all living things. Through her business Rehydrate the Earth, which focuses on small-scale water infiltrating earthworks for ecosystem regeneration, she educates individuals and communities on water infiltration, sustainable garden design, soil building, and general Earth healing practices and strategies. She listens to the land and its inhabitants to facilitate the creation of vibrant, energetically alive, functionally beautiful habitats. In addition to Rehydrate the Earth, Lydia currently works at the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) at Commonweal Garden in Bolinas where she has been the Program Manager and a core teacher for the Four Seasons Permaculture Course – a once a month year-long Permaculture Design Course (PDC) since 2007. Lydia is dedicated to the development and implementation of stunning regenerative designs and practices on a do-it-yourself scale. Facebook