John Olsen

John became interested in primitive pottery in the early 1970’s, when studying art in college. He dropped the more formal forms of studio pottery and went backwards in time to primitive pottery.  John is self taught and has 40 plus years in the study of prehistoric pottery.

Since John’s focus has been on virgin Anasazi pottery, he has become the foremost North American expert in this style and production of pottery. Working for the BLM and other U.S. government agencies, John is hired to locate and test native clays throughout the U.S. for the archeological records.  His pottery is used as reference material and educational replicas for museums and archeological studies throughout North America.

“My teaching involves using native clays, preparing ancient paints, and firing. My goal is to make correct style pottery that is functional and stunning like so many potters did so long ago.”

Though John teaches workshops throughout the U.S. in national and state parks as well as ancestral skills gatherings, his visits to California and the west coast region are very rare.  We are very fortunate to have John come and teach our Symbiosis community at the Elemental Alchemy village. Don’t miss the opportunity to study this lost art from a true master and living legend.