Deb Rubin – The Serpent Embodied: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance as a Path to Awakening the Divine Feminine

Deepen the core, embody the ancient tantric traditions of the Nataraj, and awaken the divine feminine through the mesmerizing serpentine slink of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Drawing from yoga, pilates, feldenkrais, and Deb’s personal ‘stash”, the warm up will focus on core integration, spinal articulation to directly support controlled, snake-like dancing; hypnotizing subtleties, and how to awaken the fluid spine. All this will be applied to slow, sultry, muscular belly dance technique, glitch, pops, & locks, and juicy fusion combos. She has often been coined the ‘Queen of Slink”. Come learn Deb’s unique tribal stylization, and reconnect to your earth body, divine feminine, and embodied creative power through the joy of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance! All levels welcome. (Playlist features 2016 Symbiosis artists!)

Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed teacher/performer of tribal fusion belly dance, emerging from the vibrant, world-reknown San Francisco Bay Area scene–the mecca of where it all began. Coined The Queen of Slink for her captivating performance style that gracefully blends the roots of ancient gypsy spirit with art nouveau charm & contemporary glitch, she is honored to have shared the stage with musical inspirations like: Balkan Beat Box, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Shpongle, Karsh Kale, Eskmo, Lynx&Janover, Emancipator, as well as her solo work.

She is also creative director of Project Merkaba Dance Co.

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