Day Schildkret – Earth Mandala & MorningAltars Playshop

BEWARE: This is a hands-on, interactive and life-changing playshop. Join Day and the MorningAltars team to learn the 7 steps to create a daily Earth Altar practice. We will then go wander and forage our own supplies, dive deeply into the imagination and meditation of creating and then offer prayers to build our very own magical earth mandalas. An amazing practice to honor a milestone, move energy and emotion or get grounded and pray.

Day Schildkret is known internationally for MorningAltars and has inspired thousands of people of all ages to forage, build and pray with earth art all over the globe. Day is currently on a North American tour with the Wanderlust Festival in 5 cities building large scale earth installations and teaching his Earth Mandala making playshops. Day’s MorningAltars is currently appearing in Spirituality & Health Magazine and featured in New Asterix. He is currently in the process of authoring his first book on the daily practice of MorningAltars. He also serves as a Creative Purpose Mentor and guides people to animate their purpose everyday.  Facebook Instagram