[Clever Alias] – Ecstatic Dance set

A two-hour conscious dance journey on one of the nights of the premier festivals in NorCal. We will cover varied genres, moods and tempos of music, with an intention of connecting to our selves, our bodies and each other without using words. This experience will be facilitated by the DJ, using only music mixed smoothly, as a guide. My offering is typical West Coast / Hawaii Ecstatic Dance, tailored for a night-time gathering in the chosen space at a festival. It will be fun, enlivening, and sacred in its own way. Expect an improvised set of proper tunes, contemporary music with sprinkles of throwbacks, and opportunities to move our bodies in different styles.

One of the most sought-after DJ’s in the Conscious Dance community, [Clever Alias] has been part of the Ecstatic Dance Oakland crew since 2009. In 2012 he founded Ecstatic Dance NYC, which he ran until 2014. He is a resident DJ for the Oakland, Nevada City, Sebastopol, Maui, Garden Temple and NYC Ecstatic Dance communities, visiting them, and others, with fresh takes on a familiar concept. Inspired by Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa’s contributions to community building and culture jamming, [Clever Alias] believes in the power of dancing and dance music to bring people together to grow together. With a little bit of “heart magic” and a “dancefloor as church” mindset, [Clever Alias] uses music to have an improvised, impactful conversation with dancers.

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