Chelsea Wind -Kontomble Star Medicine: A Water Ritual

From the beginning of time as we know it, reaching deep into the ancient histories of all nations, the Little People–bringers of tradition, medicines, songs, and a deep wisdom tuned into the voices of the earth–have been allies and teachers of human beings. Known as the Ancient Ones, the first humans, they are the Kontomble, the Duendes, the Menehunes, the Wa Tee Tas, the Kaukas, the Yunwi Tsdundi, the Huldufolk, and the Dwarves.

These Ancient Ones are guardians of life and gatekeepers of the sacred, helping to assist the flow of life force energy between this world and the Otherworld. They dwell and make their homes where dimensions weave and ladder, speaking in a primal tongue still in tune with the deified voices of nature–sharing in dialogue with the mountains, the trees, the stars, the waters, the animals and the plants, as well as spirits in the Otherworld, including our ancestors.

Liv Wheeler, as an initiated Kontomble Voice Diviner, stewards an age old tradition from Burkina Faso, West Africa, where the voices and messages of the Little People are physically brought through in service to the evolution, healing, and transformation of individuals and community.

This year, in these rituals at Symbiosis, we will be tuning in with Kontomble who will bridge us to the voices of the water here on these lands.

Water is life, all life. The same waters that flow today fed our ancestors and our ancestors before that. And these same waters will feed our children and our children after that. Kontomble talks of our Mother Waters as Star Medicine, as a gift from the stars. What might that say about the life force that flows through all things? As we seek to understand water, we understand ourselves. As we thank the waters, we give a gift to our past, present, and future. And as we listen to the waters, to what they are saying now, we calibrate our individual medicines, our purposes, into deeper rhythm and service to Life on Earth.

Chelsea Wind weaves her life through story, myth, Spirit, friendship, and a deep devotion to the Earth.  She carries a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and Critical Theory and has spent her time working as a freelance ethnographer, historical researcher, and/or a consultant for companies, artists, writers and social visionaries. She is engaged in ongoing study with Martin Prechtel and has been doing ritual and ceremonial work with Liv Wheeler, Kontomble and her Ancestors for the last 6 years. This last spring, Liv and Chelsea journeyed through 28 states, attuning to the spiritual landscape of America and holding ceremonies aimed to heal and remember the relationships between humans and the Little People. Her last year has been colored with careful thinking about revitalizing watershed consciousness, returning gold to the mountains, and the medicine of Ancient Beings in the form of Trees.