Anastazia Aranaga – Stillness Studies (presented by Bad Unkl Sista)

Using practiced skills as our tools, Bad Unkl Sista “Stillness Studies” training draws from the threads of accumulated life experience to bring to the surface valuable core movement and emotional content. Our goal to reach into the depths of our life experience and to find shining threads that connect ourselves to the world we live in. With these threads, we seek to excavate and discover new experiences of communicating that do not rely on words but rather on a more primal and instinctive form of understanding.

Anastazia Louise Aranaga, founder and artistic director of Bad Unkl Sista, offers a personally developed style that combines a lifetime of performance experience distilled from a vast array of teachers and collaborators. She was introduced to Butoh through Diego Piñón (Butoh Ritual Mexicano) in 2002, and his teachings remain an ongoing influence and inspiration for her performance work. Other primary influences include Hiroko and Koichi Tamano, Sankai Juku, Katsura Kan and Vangeline.

Anastazia founded Bad Unkl Sista in 2002, and has since produced hundreds of performances for local, regional and international promoters and festivals. Her Butoh-based physical theater approach emphasizes creative and proactive human development within our present-day social context.

Anastazia continues to evolve her characteristically unique fusion of performance and costuming, foregrounding the pathways of transcribing and uniting outer and inner landscapes into a physical expression to reach witnesses on a personal level.