Alec Rouben – LOVE LIFE YOGA: Tasting The Poison

Practicing yoga is a privilege – to befriend the bundle of thought we know as our mind. After the honeymoon of yoga comes to an close, From  frequent practice there is Kirtan is an ancient spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga designed to collectively raise our vibration through call and response chanting of Sanskrit mantra. Through this repetitive ecstatic chanting we are able to drop in, unify, channel and access the divine within ourselves.  an arising challenge that the old yogi’s knew as JalaJala (ha-la ha-la), aka Poison. According to Ashtanga Yoga, Practice is said to be the antidote for the poison of conditioned existence- and that which arises in the mind. This is where the beauty of transformation occurs. As you Know- the beauty of Transformational Music Festivals is that of community, bliss, and the individual experience designed by YOU- the creative force in the world. At times, this transformation is not easy. Through the beauty of Symbiosis Sangha (Community) Let’s come together and share an ancient story of how JalaJala was dissolved by Shiva- the Best Yogi!

We will dive into standing postures, waking the breath up- along with WAKING up! When poison and challenge approaches our experience, the key is to not swallow and attach to its tyranny; or feel total aversion and run away from the teaching. To invite the mental disruption into our heart and not indulge or suppress the feeling is an experience of Practice and Dispassion, or Abhyasa and Vairagya.

Let’s come together and support each other on this journey!

Alec Rouben has first asana practice through the vinyasa system, feeling breath to be a key to finding inner contentment in life. His personal practice reveals strong gems on how to move towards mastery in his practice while in the world, influencing fellow brothers and sisters. Alec immediately dedicated himself to the practice having seen the sense of peace that comes from a committed practice, which he wishes to share with you! His personal dedication allows his classes to maintain a strong connection to what brings YOU to your mat, time after time. Currently, Alec is highly influenced through the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Alec teaches from his heart, which is his most abundant blessing in life. He recently launched a Podcast called Yoga Revealed. link=””]Facebook link=”  “] Instagram link=””]