Jaina Portwood -Yoga for Liberation

Experience a profound yoga flow with one of the country’s most potent and conscious teachers! Open and balance your body, mind, and spirit from the inside out! Yoga not only has a profound effect on the physical body for health and vitality, but also plays an essential role in aligning the energetic body. Expect challenging yoga holds, soothing stretching, breath work, and meditation to recalibrate, recharge, and tap into your highest expression. We combine classic vinyasa flow with intentional pranayama, and encourage you to live in the present moment, frame by beautiful frame. Feel the heart open in unconditional love and expansion! Yoga is a return home to who you truly are. Divine Perfection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to study with the best! Stretch yo self so your can dance deep into the night…

A mat is recommended but not required. All levels and experience welcome!

As the director & founder of Radiant Life Yoga, a sacred school of classical yoga teachings in Minneapolis, MN, Jaina’s vinyasa classes are challenging, heart opening, and spiritually expansive. She leads 200 & 500 hr Teacher Training Certification, Retreats & Nutrition/Fasting Programs worldwide. Jaina has a wealth of yoga experience through svadhyaya (study of Self), bhakti (devotion), a love for movement & outdoor asana. Jaina also teaches anatomy, biology, physiology, raw living foods, massage therapy, craniosacral, meditation, and explorations of consciousness. Jaina has been exponentially expanding on this high frequency lifestyle, and being in her presence is a powerful experience. She radiates & facilitates conscious awareness of the Self: your truest, most beautiful reflection.

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