NamastDave & Yogi G – Yogic Unity

In this yoga class, yogis will be brought into deep states of stillness in order to utilize expanded fields of awareness already arising within the high vibratory communal consciousness of the Symbiosis festival environment. Using breathwork, chanting, asana (yogic postures and movement), meditation and sound healing with 7 crystal bowls (quartz, tuned to the healing frequency of 432 hz and aligned to each chakra), we will harness and channel the resonant vibration, unifying energetic states and creating a yoga ceremony that will unify, align, and harmonize, leaving us feeling connected, refreshed, energized, and deeply purified. No experience necessary, only requirement is an open mind and a desire to nourish and be nourished.

Dave Solomon (aka NamastDave) is a native of Santa Cruz, California who has found his purpose in healing and transformational work, utilizing a fusion of modalities including yoga, tantra, reiki, meditation, breath work, Hakomi therapy, and sacred earth medicines. Dave employs western and eastern science and disciplines along with sacred healing technologies in a holistic approach designed to integrate mind, body, and spirit to facilitate awakenings and to unlock each being’s highest potential.

Currently, Dave teaches yoga full time at Divinitree Yoga and Art Studio. When not teaching in Santa Cruz, Dave can be found in Mexico and Peru, leading healing and transformational retreats and yoga teacher trainings, or surfing the breaks of California’s Pacific Ocean.

Yogi G is a 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher, music producer, and DJ. Combining the healing forces of all these practices, Yogi G creates unique soundscapes and yoga classes to heal you on all levels.

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