Hector Gomez – Quest for Unity

Quest for Unity

We join with this work in the spirit of compassion and love.

It is an opportunity to learn about how to appreciate life through the Original Instructions.

The altar is used to represent the teachings of the Original Instructions. It contains the four sacred elements.





Around the altar we use sacred herbs to represent the four directions.

With this foundation, we as humans stand between Great Spirit and Mother Earth, in appreciation for all living beings.

Hector Gomez has his roots in the pampas of Argentina. He arrived to the US in 1978. There he met with Native American Indian rituals and ceremonies that inspired him to create Quest For Unity. It has been a journey toward natural world, integrating the wisdom and knowledge of Native Ways. Many elders have guided him and shared their teachings with him over the last 30 years. For the last 20 years, he has travelled to Europe, North, and South America, where he helped to build community around the sacred teachings of the Earth People. He sees in his participation an opportunity to inspire enthusiasm and bring together people from all walks of life in their search to find purpose, awareness, and service to humanity.