PopNtod- Popping and Waving

The class will be broken into two segments. In the first section, we will go over the robotic movements within popping, as well as animation style to music with a harder edge.

In the second segment, we will go over the waving style and fluid movements in general, such as gliding, certain footwork and a style of movement developed over the years that includes grooves from African diaspora, and Todd‘s personal evolutionary journey of dance.
 In this second segment, we’ll enjoy Todd‘s favorite selections from the Desert Dwellers and Kirtan music, to unleash devotion and praise that he is eager to share with workshop attendees!

Todd “PopNTod” Breithaupt has been heralded as one of Southern California’s foremost specialists in the popping sub-styles of waving, robot, bopping, dimestopping, and animation. Since he began this journey of movement since 1997, he has managed to help choreograph as well as dance alongside Chris Brown in the music video, “I Can Transform Ya”, perform for Carnival Cruise Lines, claim victor to numerous dance competitions across the continent, & share the stage with E-40, Ludacris, Common, etc, to name a few of his accolades. Currently, he is performing for the mesmerizing, technological dance/light fusion of a show called iLuminate in New York, whom were also the 3rd place winners in America’s Got Talent on season 6.

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