Tenley Wallace – Temple Tribal Fusion®: Dance*Yoga*Embodiment

Tenley Wallace seamlessly fuses modern Tribal Belly Dance with traditional Sacred and Temple dance forms, resulting with alluring and sacred storytelling… a modern genre of Temple Dance she calls “Temple Tribal Fusion®”. TTF® explores dances and traditions generally obscure to the West, yet hold some of the richest cultural expression of dance, music, costuming, myth, storytelling, and prayer. TTF® highlights nearly forgotten Herstory and the journey of the Gypsies who ventured from India, through Central Asia, continuing along the Silk Road, into Arabia and the Middle East, crossing Egypt and North Africa, eventually to Spain. Tenley has had the exquisite opportunities to study with dance and yoga legends around the world, enabling her to become a Messenger for these traditions. She incorporates her Devotion to Dance and Yoga with her love for ancient lineages of the Sacred Feminine from India and Tibet. This is the foundation for her work, art, and life. She travels domestically and internationally offering her Visionary Work, Ritual Performance , Teaching, Producing Garments & Costumes, being a Transformation Guide and Coach. Tenley is from San Francisco, currently residing in Ashland, Oregon.

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